U49900 U-49900 CAS NO.82657-23-6

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U-49900 is a potent synthetic opioid known for its powerful analgesic effects. It is often used for research purposes but should never be recreationally due to its high potential for abuse and addiction.

U-49900 binds to the same brain and nervous system receptors as other opioids, such as morphine and heroin. This leads to suppressing pain signals and a feeling of euphoria, which can be very addictive.

While U-49900 is a powerful painkiller, it can also cause negative side effects. These can include nausea, vomiting, constipation, dizziness, and respiratory depression. In some cases, U-49900 use can also lead to coma, seizures, and even death.

It is important to note that U-49900 is a controlled substance in many countries. It is also prohibited to own or use without a prescription. If you conduct research requiring U-49900, following all relevant regulations and guidelines is important.

U-49900 is a potent and potentially dangerous opioid that should only be used for research under strict supervision. It is vital to exercise caution when handling and using this substance and always to prioritize safety and responsible use.

Quick Details

  • ProName: u49900 u-49900
  • CasNo: 82657-23-6
  • Molecular Formula: C20H27FN2O3
  • Appearance: Powder and crystal
  • Application: Medical,
  • DeliveryTime: Spot supply
  • Package: Jinbo with
  • Port: shanghai china
  • production capacity: 100 Kilogram/Week
  • Purity: 99(%)
  • Storage: Dry and ventilated
  • Transportation: International express
  • LimitNum: 10 Gram
  • Moisture Content: 0.001
  • Impurity: 0.001
  • stable: ≤0.001


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