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ABOUT online pharma supplies

Online Pharma Supplies is a wholesale distributor of pharmacy. We primarily distribute generic drugs to independent pharmacies. Integrity is the principle that predominates in the organization. In the relations with the doctors, negotiations with our clients and suppliers and, above all, in the treatment of our workers. First, we value our relationships with employees because we know that when our employees are happy, they take care of our customers. Online Pharma Supplies exists to promote success and happiness for our family of customers, vendors, and employees by perfecting the customer experience through world-class distribution and pharmacy services. At Online Pharma Supplies we give you personal attention keeping your health and wellness in mind. We are your one-stop-shop for specialty medications, over the counter medications, vitamins, medical supplies, and so much more!. We believe in being fair, in trust, and open communication. The principle will always guide us that doctors and their patients receive the greatest benefits from At Online Pharma Supplies, you have a support team waiting to help you manage your patient’s medication therapies. We will work together to create treatment options that are right for your patients.our efforts as a group of pharmaceutical companies. Disease Management can be stressful, overwhelming, and frustrating, but with Online Pharma Supplies by your side, it doesn’t have to be. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your prescription medications, including specialty medications, dermatological products, medical supplies, and more!. We believe that by observing these principles, we will be able to have satisfied doctors and patients, as well as committed workers and an entire organization that is managed in one direction. We passionately believe that everyone should have the right to safe and affordable prescription drugs, and we take that passion for working with us every day. Say goodbye to the status quo. The small pharmacy was formed in 2007, when it decided to operate against the market, selling branded products instead of the popular ones and starting its sales as well over the internet and over the phone. Over the next ten years, despite all the difficulties faced by international crises in the economy, it has surpassed each year concentrating its efforts on its mission, vision, and values, maintaining the ethics and the commitment assumed with its Suppliers and Clients, in particular, the Pharmaceutical industry.

We are your advocate and help you gain better insight into your health conditions. We are here to:

• Provide monthly refill reminders
• Assist in complying with your physician’s instructions
• Enroll you in Co-pay assistant programs
• Answer all your questions regarding the treatment

Today Online Pharma Supplies is a national reference and is ahead of its competitors for treating its trading partners in a differentiated way with total transparency in its negotiations and offering to its Clients trust and credibility, besides the best products at the best prices. Pharma Delivery is also proud to be among the best American e-commerce companies, with the lowest number of complaints and the highest satisfaction index, when compared to the others in its segment.

Our Mission:

Improve the level of community health through advanced drugs, own or internationally licensed, as well as giving ethical-scientific support to the medical and pharmaceutical body and effective information to end-users. By fostering an atmosphere of partnership, valuing personal relationships and integrity, and never sacrificing quality, we will always deliver on our promise of a world-class experience for the client. Online Pharma is oriented towards obtaining profitable achievements that guarantee not only its stability and growth but an adequate financial return for its shareholders and a fair, motivating and competitive remuneration to its employees, according to its philosophy committed to the welfare and training of the resource. Human, the foundation of the success of the organization.

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